determine the properties of each atom, the number of electrons, and how it bonds, discussion help

Response Needed:

We all know that atoms are the basic units of matter, which is everything around us including things we can’t touch, a example is air. They are made up of three basic particles: proton, the neutron, and the electron. The majority of the atom by percent is made up of empty space between these particles. The nucleus is the name of the center of the atom where protons and neutrons are. Protons are positively charged and are much bigger than electrons. Neutrons have no charge (or a neutral charge) and are nearly the same size as protons. Electrons are in a different part of the atom called the electron cloud.). Atoms form bonds with other atoms by either exchanging electrons or sharing them. This happens because each atom wants a certain number of electrons in its outer shell. This makes the atom stable and therefore makes it selective as to which elements it will bond with. All element features an atom with a different number of protons. This is what makes each element, such as Iron and Lead, unique. It determines the properties of each atom, the number of electrons, and how it bonds.

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