CUNY School of Professional Studies Ethics & Legal in Healthcare Questions

1. One of the largest problems with healthcare information security has always been inappropriate use by authorized users. How do HIPAA and the HITECH Act help to curb this problem?

2. If you were the privacy officer in your organization, how would you address the following?

A. Tracking each point of access to the patient’s database, including who entered the data.

B. Encouraging employees to report privacy and security breaches.

C. The healthcare professionals are using smartphones, iPads, and other mobile devices. How do you address privacy when data can literally walk out of your setting?

D. You observe one of the healthcare professionals using their smartphone to take pictures of a patient. They see you and say, in front of the patient, “I am not capturing patients face!” How do you respond to this situation?

Add information that is relevant from the assigned textbook chapters you read this week. Be sure to reference the specific chapter in APA format.

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