Crocodile quiz assignment

1) How long do crocodile eggs take to incubate?

a) 60 days

b) 75 days

c) 85 days

d) 95 days

2) How many teeth are in a crocodile jaw?

a) 12

b) 24

c) 16

d) 32

3) How many chambers are in a crocodile heart?

a) 4

b) 2

c) 6

d) 8

4) Which is the family of crocodile?

a) Chicldae

b) Canidae

c) Felidae

d) Crocodylidae

5) Which is the genus of crocodile?

a) Acinonyx

b) Panthera

c) Crocodylus

d) Neofelis

6) What do crocodiles lack?

a) Eyes

b) Sweat glands

c) Skin

d) Teeth

7) Why do crocodiles keep their mouths open while on river banks?

a) To warn enemies

b) To eat whatever falls

c) To cool off

d) To sleep

8) Which is the largest crocodile?

a) Dwarf

b) Saltwater

c) Cariman

d) Gharial

9) Which is the kingdom of crocodile?

a) Animalia

b) Protesta

c) Fungi

d) Plantae

10) Which is the phylum of crocodile?

a) Porifera

b) Anthropoda

c) Chordata

d) Magnoliophyta

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