compere between cojo and dojo

Gear Brain:



Report Requirements

  • Explain in simple terms the devices and how they secure IoT devices?
  • Do the devices work as they are designed to? (Read data? Restrict unauthorized access to Wi-Fi?)
  • Explain for each device what data they collect and analyze?
  • What data do they block?
  • Does the device come with a pre-set, default password?
  • Can the password be changed? Or not be changed?
  • Can you tell if there is data being sent out of the device? And where it is going? Back to the company’s cloud?
  • Is data encrypted that’s moving through the device?
  • Can you easily wipe the data from the device (If you want to sell it or toss it)
  • Can system apps be disabled?
  • Does the device have a peer to peer connection to other devices?
  • Would you recommend this product? Why?
  • What makes their security better than others?
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