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Please read the following case study carefully and answer the questions given below.

A Multinational Construction Company is in operation for more than a decade with different departments in operation for planning, designing and architecture, all the departments in the company regularly interacts with each other and also with external contractors and engineers through email communication system for constant, frequent, timely access and file sharing among other members.

Due to the old architectural renderings of Mail Server, currently it clogged the company’s e-mail servers affecting workflow and impeding progress on projects. So it caused a major disruption on their operation as they mainly depended on e-mail communication with clients.

So the above said company approached you to take over the matter and do the necessary steps to implement a stable and reliable communication systems infrastructure by considering the key benefit factors such as,

1.  Provide a Contingency Plan for Critical Situations

2.  Ease of use flexible Operations.

3.  On time Service Level Commitment.

4.  Expertise Support Continuous synchronization for latest file versions.

5.  Able to provide Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution for Critical Systems.

Assume that you have been assigned with the complete responsibility of getting the work done. As a first step, you are asked to get a case study proposal for the proposed cost effective communication system. You must do a research based review of literature on the available communication systems; short list the preferred communication system, based on your study and critically analyze their services and provide a detailed report that will answer the following questions:

Question 1: Critically compare and contrast your preferred communication system with other communication systems in terms of work flow and administration scenarios. Provide justification for your choice.

Question 2: Analyse the various risk factors associated with implementing the recommended communication systems. Also discuss on how it can be minimized.

Question 3: Recommend the company to deal with your suggested communication systems by submitting a detailed design report in the form of a network trial environment for mail server communication.

Question 4: To support your case study analysis report, Identify and analyze research based article related to your recommended communication system, include the article summary of your reflection in your report and also refer the article link as evidence.

Note: please find the attached file, everything is explained there. and the proposal no need because i’ve already done the only thing needed is the task 2.


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