Case management

This assignment seeks to explore the various aspects of case management utilized as guidelines for working with clients. One key skill is to identify and evaluate ethical pitfalls as well as how to respond to them.

Chapter 1 discusses components of case management. These components include: assessment, planning, developing an individualized plan, linking, monitoring, advocacy, and service coordination.Chapter 2 discusses some of the values and ethics that drive effective case management.

Once you have read the weekly material listed on the Module’s Lesson page, review some of the vignettes on pages 72-75. You will need to post your initial discussion thread before being able to read other students’ posts. This discussion is worth 5 points.

  • Select one of these vignettes, retype it in the discussion. Decide what was done in the situation that was unethical and discuss what strategies should have been taken to address the ethical mistake and improve the client’s situation.
  • Include at least one peer-reviewed article in your response. This literature should support your choice of strategy.

Book fundamental of case management

ISBN 9781305525375

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