can someone please help me with these chemistry problem. Thanks.

Fe2O3+3C–>2 Fe+3CO

How many grams of carbon are needed to completely react with 125g of Fe2O3?


If you react 100 grams of AlCl3 with excess calcium, how many grams of CaCl2 are produced?


How many grams of CO2 will form from the combustion 320.0 grams of C5H12 with excess oxygen?


Given 75.0 grams of FeS2, how many grams of SO2 are produced?

Balance Equation First and than calculate answer.


How many grams of H2 are produced when 67.12g of HCl are reacted with copper?


98.03 g of Mg(OH)2 are decomposed in the above reaction. How many grams of water are produced.


How many grams of Ag are produced when 36.92 grams of Cu displaces silver from silver nitrate in the above reaction?

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