calculations and answer questions


I am doing some kind of a report. am half way through, I do not want you to work on it all just do what I am asking you for,

1- go to a section called ”

  • Calculations, Data, and Graphs:” for #2 answer the questions at the end of #2. There are two question by in part #2 there are 4 different data results. you should see a file called NMR data.

2- for part #3 I would like if you work through finding the ratio for each one. Complete every un-fill part. For example, I do not have any value for yp, slop, and relative error. Same thing apply to any un answered part. Show me how you did the calculation, so i can know how you find them. Furthermore, answer the data analysis questions. use the excel file for graph and everything. (10.2.4)(10.5.3) in lab manual.

3- For part #4 I have measure ESR in TCNQ you are going to make a table and fill it up. if you do not know where to find the data, go to NMR data, and you should find all you need for this part. go down because I already put each part as in order. follow what the manual is asking you to do and determine the g-factor.

4- determine the earth magnetic field ESR. you will find this in the lab manual section 10.7. fill up and answer all things are needed.

5- do part #6, again the data are in a file called “NMR Data”

Show me all your work and calculations. no hand written all typing. no plagiarism. show me all your reference if you used any. Just do what I asked you to do. just the math and the analysis part.

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