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Research Paper

Due Date: Monday March 19th

Final Paper and Annotated Bibliography!

Proposal due no later than Wednesday February 14th.

Format: Standard APA format

Final Paper Page Length: Cover Page, Abstract, 12-16 page paper, Annotated Bibliography

Directions: Remember that the focus of this class is on questions in the Sciences or Applied Technology/Business. Choose one of the following papers:

  • Choose a specific scientific or technological discipline by going here: <> and following the link to items 3, 4, or 5 and looking over the list of disciplines and sub-disciplines. Once you have chosen a discipline (feel free to use Wikipedia to read up on it–but Wiki is NOT a good scholarly SOURCE–instead get background information from Wikipedia and look at the wiki pages sources and links directly as a starting point for your research), do scholarly research into the history of the field. Write a 12-15 page paper in APA format that discusses the history of the field, major ideas or trends, important researchers, and current issues. Include discussion of at least 4 current (within the last 2 years!) articles in or about the field. Use the Holman Library resources, including Ebsco and Proquest search engines, to find scholarly information about your chosen field. Do not forget the possibility of Books in the Library catalogue as valuable sources- especially about the history of the field or famous people involved in the field. This option is good for those with an interest in a field of science or technology, but not a lot of knowledge or coursework in it- this is a good place to learn about a specific field you are interested in!
  • A literature Review of the issues and trends in a given area of research. Choose a question or problem in a specific scientific or technology field and trace the history of it by summarizing and reviewing articles along a timeline, starting as early as possible and moving up to current research (within the last year!). Your question should be specific. The Research page has links regarding Literature Reviews. Remember, you are writing an Undergraduate Literature Review NOT a Graduate Lit Review. This option is for those who already have an interest and basic knowledge in a specific field.
  • In both options, your research will have to include at least 12 reliable sources of primary or secondary evidence. Use the Holman library to access research databases, you may also find Google Scholar useful. Make sure to verify your sources as appropriately academic (use Wikipedia to learn info and the bibliography from the Wikipedia page to track down better sources, but Wikipedia itself is not an academic source, for example).
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