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Online discussion: Construct responses to two of the following discussion questions. As always, keep your responses scientific, and justify using information from scientific sources. If a question is marked required, then of course you must answer that particular question, but may choose amongst the others.

Required: Birth control pills have revolutionized both reproduction and sexuality in developed countries. Explain exactly how birth control pills prevent pregnancy. Use terminology from the chapter PowerPoint presentations in your response.

Read BIOLOGY MATTERS-Bioethical “Reproductive and Therapeutic Cloning” on page 410 of the text. Explain in detail the differences between the two types of cloning. Do you approve of the restrictions currently in place for therapeutic cloning? If not, how would you see these restrictions changed?

Read BIOLOGY MATTERS-Health “Preventing and Testing for Birth Defects” on page 397 of the text. Do some internet research (scientific sources only!) and report on birth defects which may be prevented and the methods of prevention.

Examine Figure 19.5, “Estimated cases of cancer and cancer deaths in the United States” on page 444 of the text. Discuss why some cancers have a greater incidence than others. Include exposure to the environment and ease of early diagnosis as factors.

NOTE: Your response should not merely quote or paraphrase the content in the course text. You are expected to analyze and expand upon the information in the text. You are expected to properly cite all sources used to prepare the responses, according to APA formatting guidelines. Each response should be a minimum of 150 words,although top responses will likely be longer. For each discussion forum topic, each student must also respond to a minimum of two classmates’ responses.

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