BIO117 Week 6 Discussion

Getting Clean and Sober from Alcohol, Drug, Food, or Nicotine Addiction

Alcohol, drug, food, and nicotine addiction lead to a plethora of issues in today’s society. Monetary issues, personal relationships, serious health issues and finally death are some of the issues that arise from such addictions. The discussion this week focuses on success stories in overcoming alcohol, drug, food, or nicotine addiction.

Consider the experience of someone you know who has overcome an addiction.  Then, answer the following questions:

  1. What the addiction was
  2. What worked for a friend or loved one that you know– Drug therapies, AA, NA, OA, sheer will power, exercise and change in diet, etc., etc.?
  3. How getting clean, sober, or shedding pounds has affected his/her life. DO NOT POST THE NAME OF THE PERSON: identify the person only as Male, age 35 or Female age 40, etc….

DO NOT POST THE NAME OF THE PERSON: Identify the person only as Male, age 35 or Female age 40, etc.

When you respond to your fellow students’ posts, identify whether he or she posted a new therapy that you weren’t yet acquainted with, and/or, if you can relate to the situation as you know of a friend or family member who also used the same or different therapy, and share anonymously his or her success story.

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