assignment 593


Identify an international company in Oman (it could be an international Omani company) or anywhere

across the globe that is well established and successful in expanding its activities internationally.

1. Write an introduction in which you will briefly highlight the key milestones of the chosen company

and present your structure (2 marks for the key milestones of the company and 3 marks for the

structure of the introduction= 5 marks)

2. Describe and provide enough details of two positive and two negative impacts the company is

making on one of its host countries. (2 positive x 10 marks + 2 negative x 10 marks = 40


3. Identify, explain and discuss two main arguments made by opponents of globalization with respect

to MNC. (2 arguments x 10 marks + 10 marks for discussion = 30 marks)

4. Identify, explain and discuss an Environmental Agreement the selected company is complying

with in one of its oversees’ markets. (10 marks for the explanation + 10 marks for the

discussion = 20 marks)

5. Write a conclusion and highlight your findings (5 marks)

Important instructions:

1. The choice of organisation should be approved by the professor.

2. For the assignment, you are expected to use different sources of information – primary

and secondary data.

3. The total word count is approximately 1200- maximum 1500 words.

4. The report should contain a title, table of contents, introduction (goal and objectives of

report, main sources used, structure etc.), body (answers to all questions of the

assignment), conclusion (revealing all findings, directly related to objectives, also

highlighting challenges), list of references, appendixes.

5. Adequate referencing (use Harvard style of referencing) should be done in the report.

6. The computer generated report should be in 12, Times New Roman and black and white.

Coloured exhibits should be avoided in the report.

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