2 slides of presentation/ evaluation plan and System development timeline and deliverables

During testing, developers find differences between the system and its model by executing the

system (or parts of it) with sample input data set

► The goal of testing is to discover as many faults as possible so that they can be repaired before

the delivery of the system

► During unit testing, developers compare the object design model with each object and


► During integration testing, combination of subsystems are integrated together and compared

with the system design model.

► System tests are planned during requirement elicitation and analysis activities; integration tests

are planned during system design activity

► Information system is a commercial product; as any commercial product, it has a strict timeline

in which it is delivered as follows:

 Requirement analysis and design: two to three months

 Development: six months

 Pilot testing – during the ninth month

 Implementation: 10–24 months

► If you do not have working system in two years:

 You incorrectly specified the requirements

 You chose wrong vendor

your Job:

Our group choose to do a project about Chronic Disease ( Diabetes) my part is to do 2 slides of presentations about the evaluation plan and System development timeline and deliverables for Chronic Disease ( Diabetes). Please find the presentation slides that’s done by our group member and complete the last 2 slides about evaluation plan and System development timeline and deliverables.

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