15 -20 ppt slides for Acute Radiation syndrome for medical tutor, health and medicine homework help

Power point about 15-20 slides for Acute Radiation syndrome with a brief description for each slide in microsoft word.

brief point in the slides and the write the details and description on the Microsoft word.

1- what is Acute Radiation syndrome/ background

2-past event ( disaster , mass casualty ) include cases and statices as well

3- pathophysiology of Radiation syndrome

4- causes of Radiation syndrome

5- signs and symptoms of Radiation syndrome

6- triage and identification of Radiation syndrome

7- pre-hospital treatment

8- hospital treatment

9- complication if not treated immediately , delayed treatment commplication

10- References on last slide ( peer-reviewed articles,Medical journals , Official government site like CDC, )

I am looking for medical care targeting a specific portion of the medical care life cycle. o That means I wish to see recommendations for medical management by First Care Providers (bystanders, Hartford Consensus IV), First Responders, (Structural, Cave, Trench, HazMat, Water, Hi Altitude, Hyperbaric, etc) RESCUE personnel, Medical Task Force personnel, EMS personnel, Flight Medical Personnel, First Receivers (non-Trauma hospital, physician office, acute care clinic, level V, IV hospital), Hi level Emergency Departments, Trauma Centers, ICU, or general medical surgical hospital.

The scope is important to consider the continuum of care (though not exclusive) during the possibility of Mass Casualty Triage/ Alternate Treatment Centers, Altered Standard of Care. Note that some of the groups above may be clustered, while at other times, there are specific issues to each venue. Advanced Triage (field, receiving facility, OR, and ICU) decisions should be considered and discussed.

Please choose appropriate sources of information. For instance, ATLS, AHLS, DMEP, AMA ADLS sources are a good start, but will need significant primary medical references. Please look for recent info in recently published academic articles .

CDC, GOV, EDU may help but make sure the info are updated, CDC is a good source but probably some recent articles have newer info


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