writing assignment 3 synthesis essay sometimes called a literature review

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Writing Assignment #3 will be a synthesis essay, a format that is sometimes referred to as a literature review. Please click here for a video that briefly describes and outlines this writing assignment. Organization: Your synthesis essay should be organized in the following manner: •Introduction: Write one or two paragraphs in which you introduce the reader to your topic. •Body-the categories into which you are dividing the literature: Divide your sources into a few categories. A suggestion is that you divide them into three to five categories. •Conclusion: Summarize what the literature says on your topic. Approach: This semester, you have constructed a table of research findings of four articles that discussed research studies. You have also critically evaluated several articles in the annotated bibliography. In this assignment you will synthesize the ideas of several authors in a synthesis essay, or literature review. For your annotated bibliography, you selected a topic based on your interests and, possibly, your major. You constructed a list of 12 references and summarized and critically analyzed them in 150-200 words each. Through this process, you may have seen patterns in the scholarly literature in the topic on which you conducted research. For example, consider the following examples: •You may have researched studies in criminal justice and found that there are varying opinions on how to respond to criminal behavior among youth. •You may have researched studies in psychology and found that counseling strategies for victims of domestic abuse tend to fall into four categories. •You may have researched graphic communications and discovered that the integration of graphics in business report writing has evolved from the 1970s to the present because of advancements in tech

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