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My Healthy Life Plan Paper:

Students will complete a 5-8-page paper discussing how they will take charge of their health. Paper MUST contain the following:

  • Introduction (where you grew up, who raised you, your interests, a short bio)

  • How old do I want to live to be? What are my career and life goals (bucket list) (discuss a target age, your current lifestyle in terms of health/unhealthy habits-discuss what healthy aging means)

  • Relevant family health history that you are aware of , how you can reduce your risk for any diseases that may run in your family or if there are none-strategies to improve your health overall-provide personal action plan)

  • Discuss the benefits and possible barriers to carrying out your healthy life plan and how you will overcome any barriers.

Paper must be well written and free of grammatical errors- PROOF READ BEFORE SUBMITTING. Papers must also be STAPLED!  Paper must cite any references mentioned from the Internet, journals, books or articles using APA format.  Font can be no larger than 12pt, must use Times New Roman font and must be double spaced.

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