write a three page reflection for my final essay

follow is the requirement and I discover my research with the professor.



Your work for the quarter has concluded with the production of final drafts of three papers all focusing on argument.Think about your development as a writer during the past quarter. Follow the guidelines and letter format provided in A Writer’s Reference, C4: pp. 38-41. Discuss the following in three pages.

  • What you think is your best piece of writing and why.
  • The ways that you did or did not change your writing process during the course of the quarter.
  • How you discovered and developed your ideas, thesis, subclaims, reasons, analysis, and the other elements of your arguments.
  • Your development as an analytic writer.
  • How you have developed as a critical reader of what you read for class, including your peers’ arguments.
  • The links you discovered between the course readings.
  • What you have learned about academic arguments in general.

Academic Integrity Pledge:

Be sure to sign the Academic Pledge sheet at the MCWP Office before the Friday deadline.

Follow MLA conventions for papers and the Works Cited pages in A Writer’s Reference under the MLA tab.Upload all drafts to turnitin.com on your TritonEd class site before class.Write, date, and sign the Academic Integrity Pledge from your portfolio.Only papers with the completed pledge will be accepted.

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