write a reflection paper of 1 2 pages 2

Choose one of the following options and write a reflection paper of 1-2 pages (250-500 words) in accordance with the requirements outlined below.

(1) Why does Marx believe that the social production relation in capitalist society appears to be based on freedom and equality when viewed as a relation between discrete individuals, but is in fact a relation based on exploitation and domination when viewed as a relation between the members of distinct social classes?

(2) How can Marx’s demonstration of the social and historical (as opposed to natural) character of the relation between capitalists and workers in capitalist society be read as paralleling Mary Wollstonecraft’s argument about the relation between men and women in modern society?

In answering one of these questions, the paper should begin with a clear disclosure of your own position in the first paragraph. The position should be based on reasons that are outlined in the following paragraphs of the paper. In presenting reasons in favor of the position you have adopted, be sure to present at least one possible counterargument to your position and address it by seeking to explain how your position is reasonable despite this counterargument. The paper should include at least one direct citation from the text, but citations should be included only insofar as they contribute to the goal of presenting an argument for your adopted position.

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