Wireless Energy Transfer, engineering homework help

Wireless Energy Transfer

Nowadays there are several devices working by transferring the wireless energy. By the wireless energy transfer method, we can transfer the electrical signals from one place to another without any electrical conducting media.

In this Demo:

  •  We have the microwave source that provides the system with high frequency signals at 10 GHz.
  •  These signals will be transferred by the emitter antenna from the rst side to the receiver antenna on the other side.

– The two antennas should be faced to each other.

  •  The wave will be converted into DC voltage by the diode detector which is connected to the receiver antenna.
  •  This DC voltage still not enough to be used in the circuits because it is too small, in this case we use the DC power ampli er to amplify this small DC voltage and then it can be used to run the motor which convert the electrical energy into kinetic energy.
  • We noticed that the signals can’t pass through a thick obstacle like a metal plate or human hands, so if we put a metal plate between the two antennas the signals will re ect or lose its power and it won’t reach the receiver antenna, in this case the motor will not be able to run. We also knew that if we apply a thin obstacle instead of the thick one the signals will pass through it. We conclude that the signals’ arrival depends on the kind of the obstacle in their path.
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