Wind Energy in Denmark Case Study

Hi, I need a 7.5 page paper of B+ undergraduate quality work by Sunday the 17th at 8pm. Below are the instructions. Thank you for your time.

Your written analysis is limited to (8) single-spaced, single-sided, type-written pages (12

point Times New Roman or larger). Figures and Tables are included in the page limit, but

references are not included in the page limit. APA or MLA format is acceptable. Everything

must be original, with all research properly cited. No plagiarism please.

Please include the following sections: I) Introduction (including Background, Site,

Environmental Issue(s), Changes to the System), II) A clear description of the problem, and III)

Sustainable solution(s). After an analysis of the complex interactions within your chosen case

study (Introduction), please focus on one significant problem (Problem) and the formulation of

an original, transdisciplinary solution that would be appropriate to this specific problem

(Sustainable Solution). Any of a number of analytical tools can be used to analyze and

communicate the complexity of the system. Expected measureable outcomes (either indicators

or emergent properties) should be presented along with your approach to a sustainable solution.

Wind Energy in Denmark

Denmark is a leader in the wind power industry with wind power producing over 42% of the

countrys total electricity in 2015. Denmark has set a goal of 85% of its electricity coming from

wind by 2035. On February 22, 2017, Denmark produced enough wind energy to supply the

entire country with electricity for the day. However, wind power is intermittent, dependent on

tying into a grid of existing power plants, and yields high costs for Danish consumers.

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