Why are mutations necessary to the process of evolution?, assignment help

Please answer these 4 questions in great detail

1) Why are mutations necessary to the process of evolution?

2) Albinism is a condition in which the individual lacks melanin pigmentation. Homozygous recessive individuals are affected and make up about one percent of the population. A nonscientist studies the population and claims that albinism can be removed from the population by preventing the mating of all albinos. Will this approach work? Briefly explain

3) Ideas of several eighteenth and nineteenth century scientists had an impact on Darwin and the eventual publication of Origin of Species. Choose two of these individuals and briefly describe how their ideas influenced Darwin.

4) Charles Darwin’s thoughts about the nature of life on earth grew from his observations as naturalist aboard H.M.S. Beagle. Write a paragraph describing a sample of what Darwin saw on his five-year voyage.

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