what kind of styles are in presentations of arguments

Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


  1. Write a review of a recent movie you’ve seen. Experiment with punctuation as a way to create an effective style. Try using a series of questions to see if they add value, use exclamation points to see if they detract from your message, or use interesting language. Then find another review of the same movie and compare your review with that review explaining how punctuation created differences. (Include the other review in your submission.)
  2. Find the text of a speech by someone who uses figures of speech liberally. Pick one or two paragraphs that are rich in figures and rewrite them, eliminating every bit of figurative language. Explain how the two versions differ and which you feel is more effective, and why. (Include the text of the original speech in your submission.)
  3. Find a story that has been covered in numerous news media in the past few months. Identify an article in a credible source that is strictly text. Then write up a plan on how you would use visual and multimedia aids to improve upon it.
  4. Find an ad for a food product or beverage – either print or digital – that uses both verbal and visual elements. Analyze its argument by answers some of the questions on pages 329-333 of the textbook. Include in your analysis the affect an audience has on the argument’s reception.
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