What is enviromental science

It is three parts….. part I

  • Name two extinct organisms from different geological ages and explain why each probably became extinct.
  • Explain how each of the five major population characteristics shapes population dynamics.
  • Explain some examples of non-symbiotic and symbiotic mutualisms. What is at least one way that mutualisms affect your daily life?
  • What is a keystone species? What types of organisms does this term often apply to? Identify one such keystone species that supports organisms that are important to you and explain why.
  • Different types of biomes might form in a particular place on land. What factors most strongly influence which biome forms? In a given location, what factors contribute to the type of aquatic system that may form? Give and explain a concrete example.

Part II

  • What are some influences on the rate of population growth? Can population continue to grow indefinitely? Why or why not?
  • Choose two countries, one in the developing world and one in the industrialized world. What are the rates of population growth in each country? Discuss the factors affecting the rate in each country.
  • Compare and contrast industrial agriculture and sustainable agriculture. What might happen to the economy and population of the United States if the government passed laws severely restricting one type of agriculture more than the other?
  • In the face of a growing world population and the pressure that growth places on the natural resources of Earth, do you think we ultimately will have a choice about whether or not to adopt genetically modified (GM) crops, livestock and other food resources? If we do not adopt GM food resources, how might we produce enough food to feed an ever-growing population? Part III
  • Choose three significantly different invasive species. For each, describe how it was introduced into the environment, the impact on the environment, and efforts that have been made to control or eradicate the species from that environment. For each species you choose, consider this: Have the efforts to control or eradicate the invasive species generally had a positive impact on the environment or a negative one? Explain.
  • What are some strategies used today in species conservation efforts? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy? Use recent events to support your answer.
  • What factors contribute to deforestation, especially in developing countries? What are some of the impacts of deforestation on the environment, the local populations, and the planet? What are some of the strategies being used to address deforestation? To what extent are they working? Use recent examples to support your answer.
  • What are the basic strategies of forest management? Why is forest management necessary?
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