What does the GI measure

This week we will exploring the Glycemic Index.  Please see http://www.health.harvard.edu/diseases-and-conditions/glycemic_index_and_glycemic_load_for_100_foods for an expanded list of foods and their GI index and also see http://www.glycemicindex.com/index.php for more information on this topic.

Please note that a GI value of 55 or less is Low, a GI value of 56-69 is Medium and a high GI is 70 or more.

Please explain the following in your words:

  1. What does the GI measure?
  2. What factors affect the GI?
  3. Explain why low GI foods tend to be more satisfying and help manage hunger.
  4. Track your carbohydrate intake for one day and look up the GI index of the foods that you have eaten. What did you notice? What improvement or changes could you make-please specify?
  5. Look at the expanded list of foods from the website provided and discuss three to five foods that you were surprised or puzzled about their GI index and explain why they may have this index. Perhaps you thought it would be higher or lower?
  6. Share 1-2 facts about the GI that you found interesting.

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