What diagnoses and procedures should be coded in the following situation, health and medicine homework help

Please be simple! I am using book Medical coding understanding ICD 10 CM Leah A Grebner

Must use your own words.

1) What diagnoses and procedures should be coded in the following situation (please use your own words):

A patient is discharged after a five-day hospitalization. The patient was admitted with complaints of left arm pain and chest tightness and was determined to have an acute myocardial infarction. While in the hospital, the patient had a cardiac cauterization and a PTCA. Additional documentation reflected hypertension and NIDDM.

A) Include your reasoning of why you decided what diagnoses should or should not be coded

B) Include any applicable coding guidelines you can use – hint: I can come up with at least 6 guidelines I could reference. Which ones would you use?

2) What is the proper sequencing (in what order do you code) for the following example? R65.21, J96.0, and A41.51? Need to explain reasoning (in own words) and list the coding guideline(s) that you used to help you get to your answer.

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