what can archaeology tells us about the past in what way does archaeology provide a different understanding of the past than history how is archaeology applicable today your response should include a discussion of material culture subsistence sociopo

All sources must be cited. This is a formal essay. You will need to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

ormatting Requirements

  • 4-5 pages; 1.5 line spacing (do not double space); one-inch margins on all four sides; Times New Roman 12 pt. font; no title; no extra lines or spaces between paragraphs
  • Include a references cited list. References cited list does not count toward page count.
  • Only 5% of your total word count can be quotes. Excessive quotes will result in point deductions. Word count does not include reference list.

Automatic deductions

  • Improper or no use of in-text citations and/or references cited list: -5
  • Improper formatting (e.g., page length, line spacing, font size/style, margins, etc.): -5
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