West Coast University week 2 Global Health Discussion

Prompt 1: Most low-income countries have fragmented health systems that include both public and private providers. Many middle-income countries have a system organized around a national insurance scheme. Almost all high-income countries have a national health insurance system. Compare the organization, structure and function of health care between the United States and a country of your choice in sub-Saharan Africa. What are the basic healthcare coverage options? How effective is the coverage? What is the cost of healthcare for these countries? Note: The signature assignment entails opening a clinic in sub-Saharan Africa.

Prompt 2: Health care is highly regulated in many countries. Access to care remains a debate whether it is a right or a privilege. Discuss public health and regulatory systems in the United States and the Sub-Saharan country you chose for prompt 1. How is the healthcare system coordinated? What is the role of public health? How is healthcare regulated?

This discussion forum meets MPH CEPH Competency #5: Compare the organization, structure and function of health care, public health and regulatory systems across national and international settings.

Complete your week 3 required discussion prompts:

Prompt 1: Choose one of the most predominant environmental health burdens (household air pollution, ambient air, water, sanitation, and hygiene) to global health, define the burden, and list its effect on affected populations.

Prompt 2: Today, more than ever, malnutrition poses a serious threat to human health. Malnutrition includes both undernutrition and obesity. What impact has this had on individuals—primarily women, children, and adolescents—and what are some of the ways in which this double burden might be improved?

Complete your week 4 required discussion prompts:

Prompt 1: Choose one of these issues that affect women (gender, discrimination, prescribed roles, premature death, or low education level) and explain why women’s health should be a global priority.

Prompt 2: Describe the main causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide among children and adolescents and suggest ways that they might be alleviated.

Complete your week 5 required discussion prompts:

Prompt 1: What are some of the challenges to the prevention, transmission, and treatment of communicable diseases?

Prompt 2: Select a noncommunicable disease (diabetes, cancer, mental disorder, vision and hearing loss, or tobacco use) and outline its cost and consequences to the global burden of disease.

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