Week 5 Assignment -Astonishing

  • Reaction Paper 3. (Points: 100; Due: Wednesday 5pm)** Please make sure you have visited reading “Astonishing the Blind” by Jack Hodgins on page 460 of your textbook, the Online Presentations folder, and the Student Resources Link in our Classroom to prepare for this assignment.In this reaction paper, you will explore the role of the caregiver from a unique perspective.
  • Please Consider this question: who is the narrator and what is the narrator’s relationship to the patient?What does this perspective reveal about the caregiver-patient relationship?What does this perspective reveal about communication between the caregiver and the patient? Remember to show the reader the exact statements (quote and cite) having an impact on you. Please use first person point of view on this assignment. This means you can use any of the pronouns ‘except’ any you/your pronouns. Create a 5 paragraph reaction that is 500 words or more.(To be sure you have the required 5 paragraphs or 500 words:Highlight the entire text that you have written/ go to the ‘Tools’ bar at the top of your Microsoft Word page/ click on ‘Word Count’.) Remember for any week, the readings from the weekly discussion cannot be the same as the reading for the assignment .
  • Reading is Attached
  • Week 5 Assignment Grading Rubric

    Parameters Maximum Points Points Earned
    Provides 500 words or more using standard five paragraph model 20
    Fulfills all assignment parameters based on assignment instructions 50
    Includes correct APA format and citations 15
    Diligently revised to avoid errors in grammar/mechanics 15
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