week 2 discussion first impressions are lasting impressions

Week 2 Discussion – First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

Learning Objectives Covered

  • LO 03.02 – Discuss four factors of good web typography



Communication plays a vital role in web design and can be a cornerstone of successful web design. Web and graphic designers use text to tell a story using words. The type choices you make when designing a web project provide the framework for clear communication of your content. Good typography not only affects your target audience’s user experience by making the act of reading effortless but can also influence their emotions. First impressions are lasting impressions. Typography helps create an experience for users before they have even read a word or clicked a button. For example, think about a website you recently visited that evoked negative feelings, while another site had a positive or calming effect – type, just like imagery, evokes emotion and feelings – the wrong font can make us frown unconsciously, while the right font can make us feel happy.

Communication plays a vital role in website design —carefully choosing your typography choice plays a crucial role in the overall success of your site. Understanding, and being able to discuss factors of good web typography is a design skill that every designer needs to master. Let’s examine factors of good web typography:

  • Hierarchy – use typographical choices to establish a hierarchy of information to provide valuable information cues to the reader, enhance text legibility, and affect the usability of the site. For instance, important information such as headlines and titles should be larger, bolder or otherwise more prominent. From a design perspective, establishing hierarchy is crucial to ensure users engage with a site.
  • Readability – readability is a crucial factor in web design usability. Readable text affects how a user processes information in the article. On the other hand, poor readability creates a frustrating reading experience.
  • Alignment – type is read top to bottom and left to right. By aligning type left, you make the text easier to read and comprehend and makes the site look professional.
  • Legibility – because users will access your site from devices with different screen sizes, it’s essential to pick a typeface that works well in multiple formats to maintain readability in every screen size.

Typography is a design element that can significantly help improve your website design and deserves as much attention as every other design element on your site. Making the right typography choices keeps viewers engaged and adds professionalism to your site design.

Every day you are sorting and reading a tremendous amount of information. Whether you are digesting information through social media networks, website blogs, or online articles, there is something in common that significantly influences how you perceive this information – the text.


For this discussion, you will browse online and find one example (and post with your comments) of a webpage that exhibits poor website typography. Discuss four factors of good web typography and explain how each principle can be applied to create an appealing website. Carefully examine how these principles can be used to optimize readability, accessibility, usability, and overall graphic balance.

For your initial post, the following are some helpful topics to get your research started:

  • How does alignment affect the structure and flow of the web page
  • How does the font combination[s] change the user experience?
  • What is the optimum number of typefaces to use to maintain balance and consistency?
  • Which typefaces make it easier for users to read and comprehend text quickly?
  • Does line length influence the level of comprehension and affect how quickly users can read the article?
  • How does typography affect the mood and cognitive performance of the reader

For your citation, you can find articles from expert web and graphic designers that discuss how typography affects web design and user readability.

Your initial and reply posts should work to develop a group understanding of this topic. Challenge each other. Build on each other. Always be respectful but discuss this and figure it out together.

Reply Requirements

Per the Due Dates and Participation Requirements for this course, you must submit 1 main post of 150+ words, 1 citation, and reference, as well as 2 follow-up posts of 50+ words. Responses can be addressed to both your initial thread and other threads but must be your own words (no copy and paste), each reply unique (no repeating something you already said), and substantial in nature. Remember that part of the discussion grade is submitting on time (20%) and using proper grammar, spelling, etc. (20% per post).

Remember that part of the discussion grade is submitting on time and using proper grammar, spelling, etc. You’re training to be a professional—write like it.

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