watch a short video and answer the discussion

Please watch the film in the link below

Lana’s Story


(it may take several minutes to load – be patient!)

Accessible technology is a hot topic today. In many of your classes you are required to create power point presentations. Should all presentations be an accessible format. Please tell me how this makes you feel and is it important? Why / why not. How might this topic apply to you in your future careers?

Please respond to two of your class mates postings.
All main postings must be a minimum of 300 words and all response postings must be a minimum of 150 word.

The purpose of the discussion board is to exchange ideas and provoke additional thought on the topics covered in each module. Quality is paramount when making postings. One line responses or “cool posting” “great response” etc. do not contribute to the class.

Take your time and post thoughtful responses that demonstrate your understanding of the material.

Grading for this debate will be:
10 points for quality & depth of initial posting.
7 points for quality & depth of response posting.
3 points for use of language, spelling & grammar.

******Response posts are provided from the attachment below.******
***Please write in Simple Language***

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