Waldorf University Nuclear Medicine and Radiology Comparison Paper

I need someone to write it. Its about the difference between the nuclear medicine technology and the radiology. It should be 5 pages including the reference page which will be the last page. It should include the table below.

Rubric for Compare and Contrast Essay

Times New Roman (12 point font) 1 3 5

Third Person Point of View 1 3 5

Smooth Transition Words 1 3 5

Adjective Clauses 1 3 5

Comparative Form 1 3 5

Parallelism 135

Quotations 1 3 5

Organization 1 3 5

5 pages 1 3 5

Please i want it in a little simple English because my English is not excellent it good so i want simple vocabularies and it’s okay to have one or more of advanced vocabulary. I need it ASAP

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