Walden Lifestyle Changes that Promote Healthy Cardiovascular Function Brochure

Tips for Adopting Lifestyle Changes That Promote Healthy Cardiovascular Function

As a health psychology professional, how might you influence the permanent adoption of healthy lifestyles in order to improve cardiovascular function? It is not enough to repeat the dangers of maintaining unhealthy lifestyle habits. The information you share as a health psychology professional should be disseminated to a target population in a clearly-stated manner. It also should target the population’s world view and vocabulary. To effect lasting change, it needs to be evidence-based and presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner to engage your audience. An effective teaching and reference tool such as a tips brochure should provide basic information about why change is necessary but it should focus more on how to initiate these changes and how to make them permanent.

For this Assignment, revisit the research material you uncovered to respond to Discussion 2 for this week. Based on the lifestyle change you selected for that Discussion and the five tips you identified to assist a population in adhering to that lifestyle change, consider how you might present these tips to an audience looking to adopt that lifestyle change. Also reflect on the possible rationale for each tip that might encourage adoption of that tip.

The Assignment (1-page brochure):

Submit a 1-page brochure using the brochure template provided in this week’s Resources. Your brochure should include the following:

  • A description of a lifestyle change that might improve cardiovascular function
  • An explanation for adopting that specific lifestyle change
  • A description of five tips for implementing that lifestyle change
  • An explanation of the rationale for implementing each tip

Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are to provide a reference list for all resources, including those used from the Learning Resources for this course. These references should be in a separate document and not part of the brochure.

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