visual itercy

I have 6 questions. Can you answer it as soon as you. I’ve turn in tomorrow.

1) Describe the use of TYPOGRAPHY in the Widener logo above (make sure to discuss typeface, size, weight, color, spacing and WHAT the University is trying to communicate about what kind of organization it is through the use of type/logo.

2) Is this logo a SERIF or SANS SERIF type?

3) Describe the TECHNICAL ELEMENTS that make the above a COMIC STRIP. (Use terms from Powerpoint and book).

4) Find examples of a FACT BOX and FLOW CHART to show me you understand what they are.

5) Explain the difference between Cel Animation, Stop-Motion Animation and CGI animation. (If you don’t have your own copy of the book to help you, there is one in the bin outside of my office).

6) Find a visual that is a good example of CONTRAST in the visual and EXPLAIN what CONTRAST means.

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