You are part of a program evaluation team that is assessing several new prison programs that have been implemented over the past year to determine whether they are achieving the desired outcomes. One component of your study includes conducting interviews with inmates that have either completed the programs or are currently enrolled in the programs. Your team lead has asked you to identify and assess potential threats to validity and issues with reliability of the study findings for the inmate interviews component.

In your initial response, identify and explain one potential threat to validity and one potential issue with reliability that might apply to this component of the program evaluation. As part of your discussion be sure to define the threat to validity and issue with reliability you have selected. Conclude your response by identifying measures that might be taken to reduce these potential issues that might impact the study findings.

The initial response to this discussion question must be a minimum of 500 words, not counting references or repeating of the question. Information provided in responses must be supported with cited resources that are formatted per APA guidelines.

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