Unnatural Causes – Collateral Damage , assignment help

Please watch the video Unnatural Causes – Collateral Damage (30min) and briefly answer these questions

Paper length: One page

Video link: https://csueastbay-kanopystreaming-com.proxylib.csueastbay.edu/video/unnatural-causes-collateral-damage

– I will provide the information for you to access the video later.


1. Two billion people, one third of the world’s population, have been exposed to tuberculosis, but only a small fraction, nine million people a year, become infected. Why? What is the drug regimen for treating the disease? What can happen if an individual doesn’t complete his or her drug course?

2. What role did the imbalance of power between a nation like the U.S. and the Marshall Islands play in the decision to conduct nuclear tests there? How might that decision differed if the islands were closer to U.S. territory or home to people of European heritage or descent?

3. More than 1,100 Marshallese work on Kwajalein but they are not allowed to live there and must commute by ferry to the neighboring island of Ebeye. How would you feel if a foreign power, say, France or China, occupied a slice of land in the United States and employed Americans but didn’t allow Americans to live there?

4. Why do so many Marshall Islanders end up in Springdale, Arkansas? According to the public health nurse in the film, what conditions make the adjustment difficult for them and what social factors contribute to tuberculosis outbreaks there?

Thank you

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