University of Kentucky Chronic Pain Management Presentation

Teaching Handout Presentation, Original post due Friday, October 25th @ MN

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This is a 2 part discussion.

1. Submit a YouTube link or Canvas video with audio that clearly shows both yourself and your patient handout. This video should be at least 10 minutes in length but no longer than 15 minutes (10 points). Your video should have the following components:

*Discuss a recent news article related to the opioid crisis from either your local community or a national news site; summarize the story and reflect on how the opioid crisis has affected the nation and/or your community and your nursing practice (20 points). In the text area/reply of the discussion board, please cite your news source using APA format (2.5 points)

*Discuss why you chose the particular non-opioid pain management strategy that you are presenting and how it may help decrease opioid dependency. Please be specific (evidence demonstrates efficacy, it is culturally accepted by your patient population, etc). (20 points) Make sure you cite your sources in APA format in the text/reply area of the discussion board (2.5 points).

*Explain your teaching plan: Who is your targeted audience? What is your overall goals or outcomes? What are your learning objectives for each learning domain? How will you evaluate if the learning objectives were met? (10 points)

*Present your teaching handout: You may upload a link to the handout so we can more easily follow along in your discussion (10 points)

*Make sure your peers and instructor can clearly see and hear you as you present (10 points)

2. You must view 1 peer video and post a reply (does not need to be a video) in which you discuss how you could potentially use the information presented in the video in your own practice (10 points)

Original post is due October 25th at 11:59 PM (5 points)

**Tip- The UK Media Depot is an excellent resource for help in developing audiovisual materials.

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