University of Colorado Why Is Urbanization Detrimental to Our Environment HW

ENVS 1000 Advocacy paper

-Between 800-1000 words

Introduction: Clearly state the issue and position you are advocating. Give the general background of your issue and why the readers should care about it. Your introduction will provide a general outline for your essay and the rest of the paper will provide details.

Body: Provide added depth, background story and details about your cause. As you explain a particular point, bring it back to the goal in getting the reader to support your cause. Use specific examples, facts, and statistics from resources and citations to give your position and paper legitimacy. Cite your sources IN-TEXT at the end of the sentence in APA format (Author, Year).

Conclusion: Quickly review the issues you have already discussed and conclude with a strong final statement or emotional appeal to readers.

References: Include full citation information in APA citation format in a References section at the end of your paper. This should include all the references you cited in your paper. Alphabetize by author’s last name. Must include at least five information sources out of which one needs to be a peer -reviewed source for full credit

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