unit 5 journal

Case Scenario: Analysis on Josephine

The case of Josephine (a 22-month-old developmentally delayed child, also called a late bloomer) is discussed throughout the text; however, she is reviewed at length in Chapter 10 based upon her presenting issues of communicating and difficulty with expressive language. Josephine has problems in displaying gestures and the use of phoneme sequences. Outline the best assessment and intervention plan for working with Josephine and her developmental delays.

The case assessment for Josephine should consist of an evaluation and treatment plan that would provide a comprehensive approach to assisting Josephine with her presenting issues of developmental delays and expressive language impairment.


The second case study, involving 22-month-old Josephine, indicates that she has a restricted consonant and vowel inventory. Josephine does use a good variety of syllable shapes with limited reduplicated babbling. Her intelligibility was judged to be 50%, which falls within acceptable limits for a 2-year-old, according to Peña-Brooks and Hegde (2007). If possible, another area that might be assessed is Josephine’s use of phonological patterns. The screening portion of the HAPP-3 could be administered to do this. If Josephine does not respond to the items spontaneously, modeling could be used, preferably incorporating delayed imitation. The screening portion of the HAPP-3 would assess early-developing patterns. The recommendation for the mother to enroll her child in an early intervention program is appropriate. Josephine’s speech skills should be reevaluated in approximately 6 months to assess her progress.

Please follow the directions and please make sure it is written in APA style thank you

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