ubmit quot how to change a habit quot assignment you started to work on your how to change a habit 10 day log last week you will complete and turn in this assignment this week i have attached the assignment and example paper

The following exercise will help you to practice the process of beginning successful new habits. Choose one of these simple 10 day projects:

Monitor how many minutes you study each day.

Monitor how many minutes you exercise each day.

Make a goal of eating breakfast. Write down what you eat for breakfast each day.

Keep a list of the fruits and vegetables you eat each day.

Count how many sodas you drink each day.

Keep a log of time you sleep each night and make a note of how rested you feel the next day.

Make a goal of making your bed or picking up your clothes. Record your progress each day.

You can choose another behavior as long as it is realistic and achievable. You must be able to count it or describe the outcome.

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