U.S DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS Power point, health and medicine homework help

I send yo my final work in one attachment and the other one is the rubric with all the instruction to make the power point .The first slide as you can see is requesting my name and the department .In which I am working.I have to do the approach as if working in that department.Related


Specifically in these department.Because is related with my role as a medical research and my topic “How to avoid obesity related to chemical BPA “


In the first Visual You need to have to introduce my self as a employe of these department and the relationship between these one and my logical research” GREENHOUSE GAS ADMISSIONS FROM ANIMAL AGRICULTURE ” MY ROLE IN ALL THE PAPER IS MEDICAL RESEARCHER AND BASED IN THE CHOLERA And then you have to follow all the rubric Based on paper the same that yo do it .I send you all the attach

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