two sample t test 1

Using your project data, upload an excel file that has the following information:

– The data for the two groups you will be comparing in one worksheet (ex: male vs female, white vs black etc.)

– The histogram or dotplot(s) for the groups showing their distribution

– The null and alternative hypotheses (based on the histogram(s) or dotplot(s))

– The results of the two sample t-test using the data analysis toolpak. Be sure to specify which value is the T statistic and which p-value to use (based on your hypothesis, one- or two-tailed)

– Interpret your results

Look at the file ( Example of two sample t test ) In the next sheets there is an example for what I want you to do

included an example of what I’m looking for. Please pay attention to the different worksheets.

IN THE SECOND ( infant Mortality ) file there are the information for my project data.

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