twelfth night in the era of digital communication

Twelfth Night in the Era of Digital Communication

For this assignment, students will be required to select a single character for who they will chart the character’s attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts throughout the play. To do so students will fabricate a digital relationship between the character and another individual or individuals with whom the character will communicate to relay the events of a given scene. This communication may be via text, social media, messaging, etc.

Ask yourself, what is it this particular character would say about the events of a given scene to someone who was not present?

This assignment must do the following:

  • Select a character from the approved list below.
  • Include at least one message per scene in which the character appears (multiple texts should the given scene call for it).
  • Define the medium of the message (if relevant).
  • Define who the recipient(s) of the message are.
  • Provide a brief (5-7 sentences) explanation that describes:
    • why the message makes sense for the character in the context of the play
    • why the specific recipient(s) are chosen
    • and why the medium is important.

Character List:

  • Viola
  • Olivia
  • Orsino
  • Malvolio
  • Sir Toby
  • Maria
  • Feste
  • Sir Andrew

4 to 5 pages

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