True false question on Biology

If the following statements are true, write T in the answer blank. If false, correct the underlined word(s) and insert your correction into the answer blank.

1.__________________ A pH of 1.0 indicates a strongly basic solution.

2.__________________ Water is a polar covalent compound. 

3.__________________ The atomic number of oxygen is 8. Thus, oxygen always contains 8 neutrons.

4._________________ A compound must contain hydrogen to be considered an organic compound. 

5.__________________ The closest thing to a universal solvent is water.

6.__________________ Polar molecules are generally soluble in water.

7.__________________The universal energy currency of living cells is RNA.

8.__________________The external fuel of choice used by cells as a ready source of energy is protein.

9._________________Enzymes are almost always lipids. 

10._________________The substances on which enzymes act are called cofactors.

11.________________The name of an enzyme usually ends in the suffix –ide.

12._________________Coenzymes are often vitamins that assist the chemical action of enzymes.

13.________________Steroids are a form of lipid that can be used by the body to make some kind of hormones.

14.________________Greater amounts of the pigment carotene are produced when the skin is exposed to the sun.

15.________________The younger epidermal cells in the epidermis are found in the stratum cornieum.

16.________________If tissue damage is very severe, tissue repair is more likely to occur by regeneration, or scarring.

17.________________The term arthritis means that bones ends are forced out of their normal positions in the bone cavity.

18._______________In a sprain, the ligaments reinforcing a joint are excessively stretched or torn.

19._______________Erosion of articular cartilage and formation of painful bony spurs are characteristics of gouty arthritis.

20.________________Healing of a partially torn ligament is slow because its hundreds of fibrous strands are poorly aligned. 

21.________________High levels of uric acid in the blood may lead to rheumatoid arthritis.

22._______________A “soft” bone condition in children, usually due to a lack of calcium and/or Vitamin D in the diet, is called osteoporosis. 

23.____________Cortical areas involved in hearing are found in the occipital lobe of the brain.

24._____________The left cerebral hemisphere receives sensory input from the right side of the body. 

25._____________Damage to the thalamus impairs consciousness and the awake/sleep cycles.

26._____________A flat EEG is evidence of clinical death.

27._____________When blood becomes too acidic or too basic, both the respiratory system and the liver may be called into action to restore it to its normal pH range.

28._____________The normal pH range of blood is 7.00 to 7.45.

29._____________An abnormal decrease in the number of white blood cells is called leukocytosis. 

30.________________An anemia resulting from a decreased RBC number causes the blood to become more viscous. 

31._______________Phagocytic agranular WBC’s are eosinophils.

32._______________In an emergency, it is probably all right to give a blood type A person blood from a donor who is blood type B.

33._______________The leukocytes particularly important in the immune response are neutrophils. 

34._______________The resting heart rate is fastest in adult life.

35._______________If the left side of the heart fails, pulmonary congestion occurs.

36._______________In central congestion, the feet, ankles, and fingers become edematous. 

37._______________Renin, released by the kidneys, causes a decrease in blood pressure.

38._______________Two body organs in which vasoconstriction rarely occurs are the heart and the kidneys.

39.______________A sphygmomanometer is used to take the apical pulse.

40.______________The pulmonary circulation is a high-pressure circulation.

41.______________Cold has a vasodilating effect. 

42.______________ Thrombophlebitis is called the silent killer.    

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