Towson University The Ethics of Immunisation of Children Analysis

Article Review: In it, you should state the question(s) you plan to explore regarding your issue under review for your Issue Paper and provide an analysis of one scholarly peer reviewed journal articles from a professional peer reviewed journal on that question. What are the author’s main points? What are some possible criticisms of him/them? What questions does it raise for further study? You must include a clear citation so that the instructor can retrieve it. This article will be one of the articles for your final paper. Please review the Article Review Rubric in preparation for this assignment. The article review must include the following headings: Summary, Professional Critique, and Personal Response.

The article review is based on: The ethics of Immunization of children

Just talking about issues finding in this topic

Website Link for Article review.

Teacher will not except from these sources: Given the proliferation of “fake news” and publications with distinct points of view, I would not use articles published by the following sources (and I will not accept them as unbiased sources of information for Assignments in this class):

The National Review, and the Heritage Foundation

Mother Jones, and The Daily Beast

The Future of Freedom Foundation (

The Free Republic, TheBlazeand The Drudge Report

Citizens Against Government Waste

Politico, Slate, Salon and theHuffingtonPost

Etc. etc.

Please remember to use APA 6.0 format in your citations

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