theology 6

ASSIGNMENT 4Please read and follow instructions carefully as they are very specific.

  • Chose one of the following books to read
    • Amusing Ourselves to Death, Neil Postman
    • Civility, Stephen Carter
    • Darwin on Trial, Philip Johnson
    • Hotel New Hampshire, John Irving
    • Revenge of the Conscience, J. Budziszewski
    • The Bible and Homosexual Practice, Robert Gagnon
    • The Case for the Real Jesus, Lee Strobel
    • The Closing of the American Mind, Allan Bloom
    • The Everlasting Man, G.K. Chesterton
    • Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • Heading template – the first page must begin as follows;
  • Introductory paragraph
    • First sentence describes the thesis of the book you read.
    • Provide definitions of terms when necessary
    • Provide explanation(s) of thesis when necessary
    • Provide one sentence about the viability of the author.
  • Sources for reporting research
    • Select 6 chapters (ideally after you have read the whole book) that are most important to the thesis of the book.
    • Create one paragraph for each chapter you are reporting on. Each paragraph should consist of three sentences.
    • First sentence is a summary of the chapter (“John Doe says this for this/these reasons…”); conclude this sentence with a quote from that source (“… as John Doe states “This is how things really are …”). Remember that each quotation must be properly footnoted.
    • Second sentence explains how the main point of the chapter applies to the thesis (“According to this chapter the thesis is true because …”)
    • Third sentence is your analysis of the source (“John Doe’s argument is strong because …” or “Jane Doe’s argument is weak because… “).
  • Conclusion
    • First sentence gives a summary of the main point made in the chapters reported on.
    • Second sentence summarizes how the author answers one or more of our questions about God and humanity.
    • Final sentence is your conclusion based on all the available evidence (“Given the evidence provided in this paper, the thesis is true (or false) for the following reason(s) …”).
  • Grading Criteria page – include this page from your syllabus documents; stapled as the last page of your asgn.
  • Assignments must be submitted at a class meeting; no work is accepted at any other time(s).
  • Use the following format
    • Font – Times New Roman; Font size – 11;Spacing – double;Margins – 1 inch on all sides
    • No cover page – Simply put your name, date, word count, and statement of understanding with your initials at the top according to the template provided above.
    • No bibliography or “Works Cited” page – your footnotes are adequate for this assignment.
    • Footnotes – Use footnote option under “insert” in Microsoft Word.Keep footnotes; author’s name only (not editors or translators etc.), Title (in italics), city of publication (not state), Publisher’s name only (not “publishing” or “house” or “university press” etc.), year of publication, and page number only (no need to put “page” or “pg.”).

Name:date:# of words:

I have read and understand the instructions and grading criteria for this assignment; if my work does not indicate compliance with the assignment, it will receive zero credit – (your initials)

NOTE CAREFULLY –the work sheet(s) and grading criteria pages in this document.

  1. Grades are reduced 20% each class period they are late.
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