The University of Phoenix Materials: Workflow Template, assignment help

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Patient Intake and Follow-Up Workflow Template

Reference Figure 7-16 in Ch. 7 (p. 176) of Health Information Technology and Management.

Complete the University of Phoenix Materials: Workflow Template showing the process you will need to follow when assisting Dorothy from patient intake to patient follow-up.

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1. Start work on this while reading Chapter 7. Make sure you also look at the recommended activity with the office EHR workflow video.

2. This is about workflow using technology, not clinical treatment steps or describing the patient walking from the car to the waiting room to the exam room. Every step must include either interaction with the EHR or other technology! Only steps with mention of technology will earn full credit (1 point). Steps without technology will earn between 0 points to 0.50 only depending on content. Steps describing patient waiting or walking in from parking lot only will earn 0 points because this is not workflow.

3. When you find yourself crafting a step with the word paperwork- think about #2 above and how you can elaborate to replace ‘paperwork’. When staff updates patient information- rather than a form- where do they update it? Think about tablets, e-prescribing, and methods of making appointments other than the telephone. Billing can also be a step……

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