the Phanerozoic time, geology homework help

Course Project Information

Purpose: The goal of this project is to apply the concepts to your local geology. You should choose one of the following

A) Paleozoic Era or

B) Mesozoic Era or

C) Cenozoic Era

Project Options: To complete the project, you may choose one of the following options above.


Research Paper that describes your local geology. In your paper, you should demonstrate concepts and methods learned. You should include a reference section indicating your sources.

In your paper, you should demonstrate concepts and methods learned in the text and lab exercises (listed below).

– Minerals

– Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks

– Plate Tectonics

– Sedimentary Processes

– Relative and Absolute Time Scales

– Stratigraphy and Correlation

– Fossils

Side note: Doesn’t matter what local geology you use. I would like the paper to be at least two pages. Thank you!

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