The Periodic Table Please answer correctly

1. which of the following is in the same group as magnesium (Mg)

uraium (U)

calcium (Ca) 

soduim  (Na)

tungsten (W)

2. Which of the following elements most likely has the same number of valence electrons as silicon (Si)

hosphrous (P)

sulfur (S)

Arsenic (As)

germanium (Ge)

3. Which of the elements would have properties similar to those of boron (B)

Al, Ga, and In 

Se, Li, and Be 

C, N, and O 

Na, Mg and Al

4. Which of the following elements probaly has the most properties in common with lead (Pd)

tin (Sn)

rubidum (Rb)

copper (Cu)

gold (Au)

5. Which of the following is in the same period as chlorine (Cl)

phosphorous (P)

tin (Sn)

iodine (I)

mercury (Hg)

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