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Looking into the history of the disaster responses, it is clear that military has been used time and again to respond to emergencies. The use of military has been on the increase not only in the United States but also across the globe (Keyes & Burstein, 2005, p. 308). It has become a common phenomenon to consult the military in domestic disaster as they hold advanced assets as well as diverse experience especially in dealing with issues of disasters. More so, with the proper expertise, it will be a great experience to connect both the military and other agencies in the provision of resources to respond to disasters (De, Gestri, & Venturini, 2012, p. 508). The military can provide proper training in such areas.

Positive and negative impact

One of the positive effects of using the military in disaster response especially on domestic issues will provide an opportunity to improve its image among the civilians as they provide the capacity of human response (Miskel, 2008 p. 39). Military requires some independence and thus interaction in such civil disaster response may increase the security risks for a nation. (193 words).


De, G. A., Gestri, M., & Venturini, G. (2012). International disaster response law. Hague, the Netherlands: T.M.C. Asser Press.

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I agree that the military has a wide variety of assists and are able to acquire specialized talents to help respond to a disaster. The military is an invaluable asset that can be used when responding to a disaster. In South Carolina, the Emergency Management Division reports the the Office of the Adjutant General. When responding to a disaster the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) and the Joint Operating Center (JOC), that the national guard operates, are in the same building. Do you believe this is a valuable asset? Also, what can be any implications of this? (97 words)”

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