ted assignment

1. Go to the TED website https://www.ted.com/talks/bonnie_bassler_on_how_ba…

2. Watch the lecture and take notes for yourself as you would for any on-campus college lecture.

3. For each lecture you will prepare a write-up containing three things:

1) A SUMMARY: (200 word minimum) Write an abstract/summary of the lecture. (YES, I count the words and there are very stiff penalties for not meeting the minimum.)

2) A REFLECTION: (50 word minimum.) Choose one idea from the lecture that you found interesting or provocative and write a paragraph (50-100 words) explaining why you chose it. Choose a scientific idea or fact and explain it scientifically.


Here’s a bad reflection:

“OMG!! The lecturer really liked dolphins and so do I (almost as much as I like unicorns!! J) and that was cool and so it was interesting. OR “I never, like, knew this stuff and it was, like, totally awesome.”

Here’s a good reflection:

“The lecturer discussed echolocation in the toothed-whales like dolphins and orcas. I did some additional research on the Internet and found that the sounds are not produced by the mouth but rather by air-sacs near the blowhole (nose) and the ear is totally internal and located by the lower jaw.” Two types of animals that have echolocation are bats and dolphins. Both are active in places where vision is limited, the dark of night and underwater. Echolocation (using sound) via the sense of hearing compensates for the difficulty in using the sense of vision that detects light.”

I don’t care if you liked the presenter’s style or tone or any of that stuff that they might care about in an English class. This is a science class so I want you to deal with some scientific aspect of the zoology presented in the lecture.

3) A CONNECTION: (50 word minimum) Choose one idea from the lecture and explain how it connects to anythingin the (entire) textbook and explain how it connects. Give specific (page/chapter) reference to the Textbook. E.g. write something like: “This TED Talk connects to the material in Ch. 17 page 100 on primate evolution.” (And then explain how.) The Connection does NOT have to come from the chapter you are working on at the moment, it can come from any chapter, required or not required in the entire textbook.

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